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Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

PETRCANE, a village and harbour on the coast of the cove bearing the same name, in the Zadar Channel, 15 km northwest of Zadar. Chief occupations are farming and fishing. Petrcane has a beach with a pine forest. The harbour is well protected; smaller yachts may dock in the harbour. Petrcane lies on the local road, branching off from the regional road Zadar - Nin. In the Middle Ages, Petrcane was one of the estates of the Zadar monasteries of St. Krsevan and Plato. Southeast of the village, along the coast, is the preserved former church of St. Bartholomew (12th-13th c.) with a massive bell tower on the front, later converted into a residential building (Kulina). Remains of mural paintings are found on the walls.
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