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National park Kornati , Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

National park Kornati

Kornati archipelago consists of 150 bigger and smaller islands. Due to its extraordinary beauty it was proclaimed a national park in 1980. We are organising a whole-day excursion to ...

From 40 €
National Park Paklenica, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

National Park Paklenica

This exquisite tracking, hiking and climbing zone has more than 20 trails with difficulty levels from basic for average tourists to tracking where mountaineering experience and equipment ...

Modrić Cave, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Modrić Cave

This is a caving trip to a technically undemanding, non-commercial cave. You only need to bring some old clothes and shoes which you won’t mind dirtying. Our agency will equip you with ...

From 26 €
National Park Plitvice lakes, Croatia, Continental Croatia

Continental Croatia

National Park Plitvice lakes

Deep in the mountainous, wooded regions, where Nature has been shaping hills, forests and rivers uninterruptedly for millennia, one of its most beautiful creations can be found - the ...

From 63 €
River Zrmanj - Canoe, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

River Zrmanj - Canoe

River Zrmanja has for thousands of years made its way to the sea deepening the hard limestone surface and creating one of the striking canyons decorated with numerous waterfalls and ...

From 44 €
Vrgada - island of the robinsons, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Vrgada - island of the robinsons

Vrgada Island is only 2.5 nautical miles from the mainland. It is connected with Pakoštane by a local shipping line which brings the visitors to the exuberant beauty of the Mediterranean ...

From 23 €
Zadar and it´s surrounding, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Zadar and it´s surrounding

This excursion is ideal for all those lovers of antiques, history and architecture. A capital city of Dalmatia for centuries, today a regional centre, the city is abundant in the world ...

From 48 €
Split + Trogir, Croatia, Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Split + Trogir

Sightseeing of Split with the old city core that has developed within and around spacious Diocletian's Palace (part of UNESCO' world heritage), the most famous and best preserved ...

From 40 €
Fish picnic - Vrgada, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Fish picnic - Vrgada

On this excursion you can enjoy in the sun, see and relaxing atmosphere. Saile away to one of the many beautiful laguna where you can taste some traditional seafood and drink great ...

From 23 €
Jeep Safari, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Jeep Safari

On this excursion, you'll experience Velebit in a unique and different way; you'll learn why Velebit was proclaimed a Nature Park and why its northern section was proclaimed ...

From 65 €
Dubrovník, Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia


Dubrovnik - the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (inscribed on the List ...

One-day sailing, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

One-day sailing

Taste the magic of sailing without the need to rent a boat for a week or to collect the crew. We will provide you a daily adventure of exploring the archipelago in the vicinity of Biograd. ...

From 44 €
Bungee Jumping, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping from the bridge of Maslenica (old - new), to which you can come by old state road from direction south trough Posedarje to Maslenica. The distance from Zadar is 30 km. Hight ...

From 60 €
SemiSUBMARINE BIOGRAD na Moru, Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

Northern Dalmatia


BG 00000 is a vessel designed to have the same look as a real submarine, with a conning tower, dive planes and rounded hull shape. There are about 55 similar boats around the world. ...

From 12 €
Dubrovník, Croatia, Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia


Dubrovnik is a city with a unique political and cultural history (Dubrovnik Republic, Dubrovnik Statute from 1272), and world famous monumental heritage and beauty (inscribed on the ...

Mostar - waterfall Kravica, Croatia, Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Mostar - waterfall Kravica

Mostar is a city which connects the East with the West. Strong Turkish influences during centuryes are present even today and create a unique atmosphere in the city. Included in the ...

Medjugorje - waterfall Kravica, Croatia, Central Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

Medjugorje - waterfall Kravica

Medjugorje is a place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, known primarily by the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1981. Since then Medjugorje is visited every year by an increasing ...

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Holidays 2020 - Emergency in the Czech Republic / Croatia / Europe

Dear clients partners and friends,

in the current state of emergency, the closure of national borders, and therfore limited travel in any form until recall, and its deadlines are shifting due to developments of the current situation, we are forced to take measures that also affect s.r.o. company. Currently we are dealing primarily with the situation with clients who were supposed to travel for Easter and May holidays, for which we know almost certain that they will not be able to start their holiday.

Much of you have been our regular clients for more than 10 years and we have become friends in that time, and since you know that it is our practice to always provide you with up-to-date information, we would like to inform you that we are working intensively. We ask you to give us the time we need to negotiate with each service provider. We proceed to the clients according to the date of arrival from the nearest dates to the later dates.

We understand that you also want to be sure about your holiday planning and the advance payment already paid, so we have prepared the currently possible solutions in writing. For the solution of your requirements, please use the email: We do everything we can to solve your requirements as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can practically not handle all calls / requests within days, but we do our best to negotiate the most favorable terms. However, we believe that we will manage this situation together and find a solution that will suit you.

Thank you for your understanding and for all the nice support messages. We will contact clients to whom we owe a response in the coming days. When requesting cancellation we will keep the date of your first contact as a date of eventual cancellation date. team

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