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Excursions Southern Dalmatia

Dubrovník, Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia


Dubrovnik - the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (inscribed on the List ...

Malostons Gulf on boat, Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia

Malostons Gulf on boat

All-day trip called Fish picnic along the Malostons Gulf is organized every day. Start is in the morning at 10 am on boat Lipa moja from the local port. First part is sailing to the ...

Waterfalls Kravica, Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia

Waterfalls Kravica

Waterfall Kravica are located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, some 60 km northwest of Klek in the village Studenac near town Ljubuški on the řiver Trebižat. Their width is from 120 meters ...

Bacinska lakes, Croatia, Southern Dalmatia

Southern Dalmatia

Bacinska lakes

Bacinska Lake are located 10 km southeast of Gradac. This is a set of seven freshwater lakes, six of which are interconnected. Depth of lakes is varies. The deepest lake has a depth ...

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