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Modrić Cave

Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

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Excursion Modrić Cave

This is a caving trip to a technically undemanding, non-commercial cave. You only need to bring some old clothes and shoes which you won’t mind dirtying. Our agency will equip you with suits, helmets and lamps. The visit to the cave itself - at a pleasant temperature of 15°C - takes from one and a half to two hours. The whole excursion is planed as a half-day depending on whether you also would like to go swimming in the nearby beauty, river Zrmanja, or not.This excursion is suitable for everybody older than 12. This excursion is organized in small groups and strictly follow all ecological norms and regulations. Our aim, apart from making you enjoy yourself, is to provide all visitors with an insight into the delicacy of these objects so that afterwards you can help us protecting them.
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