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Island Visovac

Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

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Excursion Island Visovac

The island of Visovac is one of the most important natural and cultural values ​​of the Republic of Croatia. On the island of Visovac is a Franciscan monastery of the mother of Mercy and the church of the Visovac's Dolls which form with a beautiful landscapes of Visovac's lakes a unique ambiental whole since 1445. During the stormy past the island of Visovac was an island of peace, calm and prayers and it is until today and the Franciscan monastery fortress of faith and spiritual satisfaction. In Monastery are important archaeological collection, a collection of historical vessels, and a rich library with many historical manuscripts, rare books and incunabulas. In honor of the hudred years of worship of the Virgin Mary is called the Island of the Virgin Mary. Due to its exceptional value has always attracted numerous believers, who even today come in in organized group on pilgrimages and prayers in cruise ship National Park "Krka". For visitors are organized two-hour boat trips from Skradinski Buk. The excursion included tour through the canyon of the river Krka and tour of the small island, Franciscan monastery, church and museum (visitation lasts half an hour). A boat trip from Skradinski Buk to Roski slap also included a visit to the island of Visovac.
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