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Island Pašman

Island Pašman

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Island Pasman with its area about 70 square kilometers is one of the larger islands of the Adriatic. At the northwest corner of Pasman is the neighboring island of Ugljan, which is connected by a bridge.

Accommodation Island Pašman

History and monuments Island Pašman

On the island of Pasman are located just two monasteries. In town Kraj you can visit Franciscan monastery of St. Dujma and on the hill at Čokovac above the village Tkon the Benedictine monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian.

Benedictine Monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian is located on a hill Ćokovac (95 m), 2 km NW of Tkon. The name "Ćokovac" comes from the word "cok", a name in the local dialect for a blackbird. Monument to the highest category of culture. It was built in Biograd Bishop Theodoric 1059th on the foundations of early Byzantine fort and the early Christian church. By Venice in the 12th destruction of Biograd century, Benedictine monks came to Ćokovac and build a new monastery. In the 14th century, the monastery was demolished to the ground, but was re-built by the Benedictines and the reconstructed church in the Venetian Gothic style. Monks from monasteries destroyed leaving Czech King Charles in Prague for his return from Rome, where he was crowned Pope for Cesar Holy Roman German Empire. These monks were in Prague, founded the Benedictine monastery Glagolitic "Emmaus" as the embryo Prague university. Church decorated with painted Gothic crucifix Tkon the beginning of the 15th century work of the master Menegela John de Canalis, students Paola Venezianija, until 1999. aka Master Tkonskog crucifixes. In 1808th French Benedictine monastery was closed, and the last Benedictine Pletikosić remained as pastor of St.. That in Tkon and for the parish is the second Austrian government purchased nationalized and destroyed the monastery. 1964th from Prague to come Tkon monk Martin Kirigin that with his brother Benedict restored the monastery of St. identification. Cosmas and Damian. Ćokovac the last active male Benedictine monastery in Croatia and the world famous Glagolitic center. Tkon collection is hrvatskoglagoljski manuscript from the early 16th century found in Tkon. It is now in the Academy Library in Zagreb. There are 170 sheets of paper written in a fine and beautiful cursive Glagolitic. Belongs to a group of thematically disparate hrvatskoglagoljskih Proceedings: written by two scribes to find him in Ćokovcu Presentation, songs, apokrifa, sermons, various records. Some parts of very high artistic value.
In Tkon - in the center of Tkon is the parish church of Sv. Thomas, mentioned in the 11th century has been preserved rectangular apse in Romanesque style, tower, and numerous fragments dating from the 12th century. In its present form the three-nave basilica built in 1742. And restored 1938th year. Head side of the ship separated from the six pillars richly decorated capitals. The main Baroque altar is the image of the Virgin Mary on the throne, which is attributed to zadarskome painter Peter Jordaniću the end of the 15th century. Today's image is part of the former or the triptych polyptych is disconnected, and largely destroyed in the last century. The church has a Romanesque tower Alta Turri Ornatur with two bells. Larger ring diameter is 74 cm with the figure of St. Catherine the martyr and its attributes, and the motif of the cross and two hearts. In the bottom part is the inscription: every spirit praise the Lord. Under a bell diameter of 72 cm, has the inscription ANNO 1902nd which dates. Bells are elektricifirana 1980 years.
On the hill Calvary above the town is the Church of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows of the 18th century with a cross road. Already around 1500, and on the hill watching and listening to the people in the Croatian language of the oldest preserved Mirakuli, Resurrection Isukrstovo and other Presentation from Tkonskog Proceedings.
Church of Sv. Anthony the Great - In the center of Tkon was in the 17th century built heritage locals Glagolitic A. Palaškova 1672nd year. there is a marble altar from the beginning of the 19th century. Today there is fraternity St. Anthony.

Swimming and beach Island Pašman

On the northern side of the island Pašman are all beach sand. From town Ugrinic aross the south Tkon there are seven sandy bays along the 3 km. Public beaches are Vruljica, Južnja and beach Ugrinic.

In FKK Sovinje located at the end of the road outside the village Tkon there is a sandy beach which is a natural phenomenon and can be found on only a few localities of the Adriatic (the most famous is the island of Susak). It is a constant sedimentation of sand from the rocks and makes it so beautiful.

Beaches in Tkon popular tourist destination for visitors from Biograd, who daily come trajktom swimming and diving.

Sport facilities Island Pašman

On the island of Pasman there are several challenging trails for mountain bikes. Very nice is bike-hike tour to the top of the V. Bokolj from which to offering a beautiful view of the Kornati islands and Pašman channel, town Biograd and its surroundings

Cultural events and nightlife Island Pašman

Škraping PAŠMAN REVIVAL  - race will be held on  March 2012th

Event "Latin sail," the organization is sailing and rowing races, regattas Pasman channel of old sailing ships and kaićov in Latin idra and Trevi.

Fisherman's Night - the first night fishing was held in 1986. year, and successfully continued to the present day. Every year is traditionally reflected in the days before the Assumption 15th August. Feast prepared in the open, full port are set to stand, and then with music and dancing locals offering fried fish, shellfish, red wine and other local specialties that you can enjoy. Also reflect a variety of games such as utke kaićov, tournaments in bottles and lotteries.

Traffic informations Island Pašman

Ferry Jadrolinija - office Biograd, tel.: +385 23 384 589
Ferry Jadrolinija -
office Zadar, tel.: +385 23 250 555
web: (ferry goes from Zadra to Preko on island Ugljan, which is conected with island Pašman with bridge)
Airport Zadar - Zemunik - tel.: +385 23 313 31, web:
Croatia Airlines - office Zadar, tel.: +385 23 250 101, web:
Bus station Biograd na moru - tel.: +385 23 383 022
Bus station Zagreb - tel.: +385 60 313 333, web:
Bus station Zadar - tel.: +385 23 211 035 
Rail station Zadar - tel.: +385 23 212-555,
Croatian auto - club HAK-a - tel.: +385 1 4640 800,

Useful informations Island Pašman

Recommendation: do not leave valuables in the cars, do not carry them to the beach, lock the accommodation units and close the windows before you leave, follow the traffic rules, especially in smaller towns and drive cautiously when it rains.
Doctor ordinates in Tkon and in Nevidjane. 
Farmacy: Tkon
Emergency assistance: Biograd na Moru - 24 houres, cca 3 km (by ferry)
Hospital Zadar
Veterinary: Biograd na Moru

Island Pašman EXCURSIONS

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