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Our ADRIA PLANET Tourist Guide contains descriptions of places, photos, maps and biking trails. We have seasonal information and approximate prices on all types of accomodation, tours, sport and cultural events. We can recommend authentic souvenirs, good food and restaurants, and provide all types of transport rental information.

Our site was created in cooperation with the firm s.r.o., its partners and friends. Information on our site is continually updated according to our personal experience of individual destinations. Our published photographs are the result of our own activities - not merely "stock illustration" photos (However, for the purpose of describing destinations we have used some professional photographs from local tourist boards).

To plan your perfect "Croatian Vacation" with Adria Planet please contact us at:

  • Mobile: 00420 725 344 344 weekdays 9:00 am to 17:00 pm
  • E-mail:

We do not organize holiday packages and therefore do not determine the starting date or duration of your holiday.
Due to personal contacts with owners of accommodation facilities and tourism agencies in Croatia, we are confident we can offer you the best service!

Consider a tailor-made holiday with

  • an unlimited number of accommodation nights
  • staying in remote areas with perfect peace and quiet
  • advice on how to avoid traffic
  • excursions with local fishermen or hunters (and eating your traditionally prepared catch afterward!)
  • themed adventure tours (hiking, canoeing on the sea, caving, ..)
  • visits to traditional farms with various accompanying events (picking tangerines, olives, grapes, etc.)
  • tour guides and escorts in all foreign languages
  • assistance with translation and interpretation in all situations
  • advice on buying property in Croatia before and during the holidays with personal assistance included.

Check out our portal for more details! And remember, if any fans of Croatia have useful and interesting tips for our website feel free to send them through.

We truly believe that we can provide you with more interesting options for your holiday. If you contact us we will do everything we can to provide an individual, memorable and happy experience. Don't delay planning your vacation, book it in Croatia right now! Through us you can discover the hidden charms of the Adriatic!


Important: Each child must have their own passport! According to the instructions of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 444/2009 and Law No. 197/2010 Coll., 1 July 2011 ..."shall cease to enroll children in parents' passports. Existing data of children enrolled in the parenting travel documents are valid only until 26 June 2012, after which each child will need to have their own passport, which will not stop the validity of parents' passports."

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