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Natural products in healing herb and olive oil basis as a authentic gift from Croatia. CANTARION-OIL -it is prepared with hypericum perfpratum and it is also called oil for wounds. It is used against burns, it is efficient for the local treatment of wounds because it acts anti inflammatory and as an anastethic, helps to heal the wounds, it is good against the stings of insects. It is useful for massage, against rheumatism, sick parts of the body, such as spine, neuralgia, sciatica, spratin, dislocation, bruises, against their swelling. The oil is also used in gynecology for the cure of onflammtion. LAVANDER-OIL - applied on the skin after taking a bath or a shower nurture and refreshes the skin and makes her smooth and soft. Rubbed in the skin stimulates the blood circulation and helps against the pains in the bones and articulations. Helps against defferent discomforts and it has great effect in tretment of choppy-skin and cellulite. ROSMERY-OIL- it is used for the care and protection of the body, especially in the winter conditions and in old age of life. It helps against gout, factures, contusions, dislocation, sprain, bruises, atrophy of mussels, paralysis, rheumatism, bad circulation, headache and exhaustion either physical or psyhical. CAMOMILE-OIL-it is used for body treatment, especially face and for the treatment of dry and inflammatory skin, it is especially used for the protection and treatment of carcked and damaged skin. It is easily rubbed in and penetrate quickly into the skin. It has a calming effect mitigate the disturbs of painful legs, calms the cramps and tension in the limbs, and the treated face and body skin makes smooth, elastic and above all natural. GARDEN-OIL-It is primarily used against the troubles of respiratory organs - asthma, bronchitis, cold, flu - against the troubles with gums, mouth cavity, memory problems... in combination with other oils significantly improves the quality of those oils. Applicattion: for external use only, use it daily and if necessary rub it into the skin gently.
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