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Podgora is a village and port in the Makarska littoral, 9 km southeast of Makarska. The village has a number of sources of potable water and a medicinal saltwater source called Klokun. Chief occupations include farming, growing of vines and olives, seafaring, fishing and tourism. Podgora is located on the main road (M2, E65). Towers for the purpose of defence against the Turks were built in the 17th and the 18th centuries in the upper part of the village, i.e. in the hamlets of Roscici and Marinovici. The portal at the entrance of the hotel park and the interesting octagonal chapel are the only remains of the Baroque summer residence of the Mrkusic family. The cemetery features mediaeval tombstones and the monument to Mihovil Pavlinovic, a work by Ivan Rendic. On an elevation above the port is a monumental monument representing the wings of a seagull, made in 1962. The new, modern-style church (in the shape of a ship) was erected on the coast after the earthquake in 1962


9 °C
  • Pressure: 1011 hPa
  • Humidity: 82 %
  • Wind: 2 m/s
  • UV index: 0
11 °C
7 °C
9 °C
5 °C
11 °C
5 °C
8 °C
5 °C
11 °C
5 °C

Practical information

Recommendation: do not leave valuables in the cars, do not carry them to the beach, lock the accommodation units and close the windows before you leave, follow the traffic rules, especially in smaller towns and drive cautiously when it rains.

Tourist board Podgora - Branimirova 87, Podgora,
tel / fax: +385 21 625 560,

History and monuments

Podgora was early inhabited due to its geographical position. It is mentioned for the first time in written documents in 1571. as one of the places under the protection of Venice, after the Turkish defeat in the battle of Lepant.From that period there are remains of a cemetery with a couple of preserved tombstones. Church of St. Tekla is mentioned in 1630.In Gornja Podgora which was inhabited until the great earthquake in 1962. there are numerous remains of the churches, and the most important structure, also damaged in the earthquake, is a large keep on the hill Roscici from the times of Turkish invasions. The keep lost some of its “warlike” appearance considering it was afterwards redesigned as living quarters.
Other important historical monuments include the church of All Saints, built in 1764. and a chapel of Holy heart of Jesus built in 1804. by the family Mrkusic.During its long past and to the present day, Podgora faced the sea and made its living from the sea, even though, until the second half of 20th century, it was mainly located higher up the mountain.Mountain provided shelter from the danger from the sea, like pirates and raiders and the land is more fertile further from the sea because of the salt in the air and soil.After the great earthquake in 1962. Podgora was completely orients to the sea. Its inhabitants built their houses closer to the sea, rather then reconstructing old ones in Gornja Podgora. Construction of Adriatic Road and the tourist development also contributed.

Swimming and beach Podgora

Beach in Podgora can be divided into several separate entities:
- the beach Sutikla is located at the end of the town towards the village Čaklje. The beach is pebble, but unfortunately, very narrow. Some may be interfered with the noise of cars, but you can take a break in the numerous cafes along the road.
- Beach in front of the local hotels - pebble beach about one kilometer long, in some places there can be found a shade under the pine trees that are leaned over the beach from the nearby promenade. There are many cafes with refreshing drinks and ice cream, but this beach is full and noisy in summer, so it is not recommended for those who want peace and rest in silence.
- beach near the port - in addition to the local harbor near the new renovated  Hotel Sirena are two small and narrow sandy beaches with no shade. You can rent parasols and deck chairs, and in the vicinity thee are several smaller restaurants
- beach near the port called Plešivac - the most beautiful beaches in Podgora wide pebble bay is more than one kilometer long, has a pleasant shade of pine trees as well as plenty of space for sunbathing. You can take a refreshment in the restaurant or bar.
- natural beach - the nearest beach is a natural pebble beach at the end of the beach Plešivac whose one part is reserved for naturists. On the other prirpdnim beaches are installed showers with fresh water and the cabin.
- Along the coast towards Tucepi you can get to the bay, where there is a beautiful pebble beach with gradual entry into the sea, and has a shade under the pine branches, on the beach can be arrive by car, parking is at a particular location on the road and on foot should be down to the sea

On all beaches in Podgora can be rented parasols and deck chairs. Access to the sea is gradual. The beaches are very suitable for small children.

Sports offer

Podgora has a lot of sports and recreational facilities. Some of them are:
- two indoor and one outdoor swimming pool
- room for a physical therapy 
- hidroterapeutic sauna and swimming pool,
- sailing and other water sports
- rent a boat and gondola
- table tennis
- the surface for football, handball, basketball and volleyball;
- diving school
- tennis - bowling
- promenade along the coast (lungo mare)
- well maintained beach
- Equipment for water sports

Traffic information Podgora

Airport Split -  Kaštela

Zračna Luka Split - Kaštela, Cesta dr. Franje Tuđmana 96, P.P.2, 21210 Kaštela, Hrvatska

tel.: +385 21 203 555, fax: +385 21 203 422


Croatia Airlines Split - branch office Split

tel.: + 385 21 203 183



Bus station Makarska

A. Starčevića 30

tel.: +385 21 612 333

The bus stations in Podgora are on the main road
Ferry Jadrolinija Makarska

Obala K.Tomislava, Makarska

tel.: +385 21 611 977

HAK (Croatioan auto-club)

tel.: +385 1 987, (Makarska) tel.: +385 21 611 987


Cultural events and evening life

14.06. Championships in underwater fishing "Ivo Radan - The waters surrounding the island of Hvar
18.06. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Porat - Branimirova Coast
23.06. Dance group "Monsignore" - Terrace hotel Podgorka
30.06. Klapa "Adrija - Dalmatian songs - Garden Hotel Podgorka
02.07. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Porat - Branimirova Coast
04.07. John Kenk-Stipan mandolin and guitar-Popovic - Garden Hotel Podgorka 07.07. Concert of classical music: Šojat, Vlahovic and Jelincic - Garden Hotel Podgorka
09.07. Prom ones "sardines" - Porat - Branimirova Coast
14.07. Dance group "Betty" - Praha - Terrace hotel Podgorka
17.07. Mandolinski quartet "Yes Capo Split - Garden Hotel Podgorka
18.07. Prom ones "Makarana - Porat-Branimirova Coast
21.07. Musical: "Cats on hot splitskim roofs" - Garden Hotel Podgorka
23.07. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Riva Čaklje
24.07. An Evening of Folk and Dalmatian songs: Ensemble Bonaca - Garden Hotel Podgorka
28.07. Dance group "Black and White" - Hodonín - Terrace hotel Podgorka
30.07. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Porat - Branimirova Coast
01.08. Concert of classical music - Garden Hotel Podgorka
04.08. Dance group "Standartklub" - Praha - Terrace hotel Podgorka
06.08. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Riva - Čaklje
07.08. Theater for Children: "Three praščića - Garden Hotel Podgorka
11.08. Dance group "Novoveska Štistka" - Terrace hotel Podgorka
14.08. Prom ones "The old pilchard" - Riva - Čaklje
15.08. John Kenk-Stipan mandolin and guitar-Popovic - Garden Hotel Podgorka 17.o8. Celebration of the Holy speakers - rock concert - Monument "seagull wing"
18.08. Dance group "La Quadrilla - Brno - Terrace hotel Podgorka
20.08. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Porat - Branimirova Coast 25.08. Prom ones "sardines" - Porat - Branimirova Coast
28.08. Klapa "Adrion" Makarska - Garden Hotel Podgorka
30.08. Musical: "Cats on hot splitskim roofs" - Garden Hotel Podgorka
03.09. Folklore - KUD "Milan Kurtic" - prom. performance - Porat - Branimirova Coast
08.09. Evening chanson: Srđan Depolo - Garden Hotel Podgorka
15.09. Folk group "Vizovjanek" - Terrace hotel Podgorka
23.09. PS "Don Michael Pavlinović" kult.-umj. pr. - Garden Hotel Podgorka
05.10. PS "Don Michael Pavlinović," Days of bread - Garden Hotel Podgorka

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