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Sea sponges

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Sea sponges are the simplest multicellular organisms living at the bottom of the sea. They feed on planktons which they receive through their tiny pores. There are about 1000 types of sea sponges in the clean and warm Adriatic Sea, but only one of them has its commercial usage. Thanks to its natural features EUSPONGIA OFFICINALIS ADRIATICA is considered to be the best and the highest quality sponge in the world. It is a type of slow growing sponges because it takes 3 years for the Adriatic sponge to grow 15 centimetres. The sponge is not an endangered species because it is a naturally regenerating resource. It is hard and dangerous work to harvest sponges because they can be found up to 50m deep. After harvesting sponges have to dry, get thoroughly cleaned from small pebbles and shells, processed, cut by hand and sorted according to their size and further use. The sea sponge has multiple applications and it can be used for: - gentle skin peeling in shower or bath - cosmetic treatments - all types of cleaning and washing - ceramics - art wall- painting - art renovation - wood polishing - washing of offset boards in printing houses - car washing - military industry (because of its incombustibility) High iodine concentration makes the sponge the ideal hygienic means because of its strong antibacterial and antiallergenic effect and it does not retain bacteria. After use wash it in fresh water, squeeze it and leave it to dry naturally.
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