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Sukosan is a place and port in the vast bay of Zlatna luka, on the Adriatic Highway 10km southeast of Zadar. The economic basis is agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, fruit growing and tourism. Today it is the seat of the Municipality of Sukosan, to which the towns of Debeljak, Glavica and Gorica belong. The place itself has about 3000 inhabitants. We have a kindergarten, an elementary school with a newly equipped gym, general and dental clinics, and everything else that makes us a place to live year-round, and many have recognized it as a place ideal for holidays.
That it is truly a tourist place, is evidenced by over 3000 beds in luxuriously furnished apartments, guesthouses, motels and hotels, and numerous campsites are located close to the sea.


36 °C
  • Pressure: 1013 hPa
  • Humidity: 28 %
  • Wind: 6 m/s
  • UV index: 6
34 °C
23 °C
34 °C
25 °C
32 °C
23 °C
31 °C
22 °C
30 °C
23 °C

Practical information

We recommend: not storing valuables in cars, not taking them to the beach, locking accommodation units and closing windows, following traffic regulations especially in the village, driving carefully in the rain.

Tourist information office of Sukošan village
Street I. kbr. 89, HR-23206 Sukošan
phone: + 385 23 394104, fax: +385 23 393 345,
e-mail:, website:

History and monuments

The exact origin of the residence in Sukošan is not known, but it is assumed that it was during the Roman rule, as evidenced by the country villa in the Barbir district or the remains of the ancient Roman aqueduct. Sukošan was first mentioned in a document dated July 24, 1289, where a contract for the sale of land is recorded in "Sanctus Casanus.

Parish Church of St. Kasijana from the 17th century is located in the village road. On the site of this beautiful stone building with Romanesque and Baroque details, there was originally a more modest building, which was first mentioned in 1289. A bell tower with a wonderful sound was built next to the church only in the 20th century. The church yard is surrounded by a high stone wall. Under the belfry in the summer there is a unique stage on which "klapski" concerts have been held for many years. The faithful of Sukošan celebrate the feast of their patron Saint Cassian on August 13, when they carry his statue in a procession.

Church of St. Martin, whose establishment dates back to 1387, can already be seen from the highway on a hill between vineyards and olive groves. It used to be the parish church of the medieval village of Prijane. The Romanesque building is located in the area of Kaštelina. The church was vandalized repeatedly, most recently in 1991. On the Feast of St. Martina, a holy mass is celebrated in the church.

In the middle of the Sukošan Bay, there are the remains of the summer residence of the Archbishopric of Zadar, which was built during the reign of Archbishop Matheo Valaresso in the 15th century. The entrance gate, which is a remnant of the fortifications built by the Venetians around 1469, testifies to the history of Sukošan.

Swimming and beach Sukosan

The main beach is a beach called "children's paradise" thanks to its shallowness and gradual entry into the sea, with sand at the bottom, it is a real paradise for children and for those who like to play various games in the water. This beach is ideal for lovers of the sport called "picigina". On the beach, you can rent pedalos, refresh yourself with an ice cream or have a drink in one of the cafes. The beach is equipped with showers, changing cabins, eco toilets. In some parts, there are stone piers on the pier.
The beach "Zlatna luka" is located at the entrance to Sukošan from the direction of Zadar. The beach is pebbly and the local vegetation offers a refreshing coolness during the summer heat. The beach has a shower, changing cabin, eco toilet. A beach volleyball court is available on the beach.
The beach "Makarska" is also a nicely maintained beach. It has a shower, cabin and eco toilet. The coast is partially covered with concrete slabs, there is a beach volleyball court, a basketball court and a pétanque court nearby.
From the beach "Zlatna Luka" to the natural complex Tustica Sukošan, there is about 6 km of natural coastline washed by clean and clear sea water, and its entire length is suitable for swimming.
Guests can choose between manicured beaches and small private coves.

Sports offer

Sukošan offers a number of options for those who, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, wish to enrich their vacation with other activities.
The beautiful nature that surrounds it is made for cyclists, for walks, there are excellent conditions for sailing, open playgrounds, an equipped sports hall...
Basketball - if you are a fan of this sport, then you have come to the right place. The playground in the center is played every day. During the summer, the "Sukošan" basketball club also organizes a children's camp for basketball players with tournaments and competitions in street ball
Football and minor football - also belong to popular sports, every summer a tournament in minor football is organized in the "Zlatna luka" sports center.
Beach volleyball - you can practice this attractive and interesting summer sport on the playgrounds at the beach "kod Križa" and at "Makarskoj", you can also participate in a tournament at the end of July.
Petang - a typical game in Dalmatian towns, every Sunday or holiday, men gather on the playgrounds to play this spirited game.
Surfing - you can ride your board as long as the wind blows, in Sukošan surfers can enjoy it all year round. During the spring or autumn, you can "catch" a good bura (type of wind) and a mild jugo (type of wind), and during the summer you can surf tramuntana and maestral (type of winds). Thanks to the proximity of the islands, surfing is safe even for beginners.
Although in the past Sukošan was turned more to fertile fields more than to fishing, today the local population also devotes itself to this hobby.
The Zadar area is the richest in the number of islands in Dalmatia, and the advantage of this aquatoria is that in any weather conditions you can find a location that is safe for diving. The beauty of the underwater world of the Adriatic is world-renowned. The diving center "Zlatna luka", located in Marina Dalmacija, is available to lovers of this beautiful sport.
The Zrmanja River offers some of the best rafting in this part of Europe, and when the river calms down in the summer, you can go canoeing here. You have to see and experience the beauty and magic of the canyon. We recommend tours that start from Žegar and to Muškovec... You can order from us at: rece-zrmanja/26/
Paintball is one of the adrenaline extreme sports. As it is based on team play, it is a great way to take you away from your daily duties and awaken your adventurous spirit. You can experience a paintball adventure on the slopes of the attractive Velebit terrain.

Traffic information Sukosan

Zadar - Zemunik Airport
phone: +385 23 313 311, website:
Croatia Airlines - Zadar branch,
phone: +385 23 250 101, website:
Zagreb bus station
phone: +385 60 313 333, website:
Zadar bus station
phone: +385 23 211 035, +385 23 311 086, website:
Biograd bus station on the sea
phone: +385 23 383 022
Jadrolinija ferry - Biograd branch,
phone: +385 23 384 589, website:
Jadrolinija ferry - Zadar branch,
phone: +385 23 250 555, website:
Zadar train station
phone: +385 23 212 555, website:
Croatian automobile club HAK
phone: +385 1 4640 800, +385 1 987, website:

Cultural events and evening life

Fishing evening - every Friday from 20:30 to 24:00 you can have a pleasant time with Dalmatian song, fish and wine.

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