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Pag - island Pag

Croatia, Northern Dalmatia

The town of Pag is one of the oldest towns on the island of Pag of the same name. There are about 4 500 inhabitants living there at the moment, and 10 other villages also belong to the area of Pag.

The island of Pag is one of the biggest Adriatic islands (285 km2) – the fifth biggest one in terms of size, with a very rugged coastline and a lot of bays, firths, headlands and beaches. Long stone walls grown-over with grass, low aromatic plants, common sage and Rosy Everlasting are typical for the island of Pag. The plants represent the main food of the Pag sheep and give the Pag cheese a particular taste.

The Pag wine Žutica, brandy Tavarica and the salt of Pag are also famous. This salt used to be rated like gold (1 kg of salt – 1 kg of gold). It was recognized as a brand – the salt of Pag. The sea salt, nowadays present in every household, comes from the blue sea thanks to the warm sunshine. When you come to Pag, we recommend you to visit the permanent exhibition about the salt production in the town of Pag. Here, you can get a better idea about the importance of this product of the island of Pag. The sea salt is a mixture of mineral substances present in the sea water. It is produced through evaporation – water evaporates and what remains is the sea salt.

The popular lace of Pag which has been produced since the 16th century was declared a protected cultural heritage.

Practical information

Tourist information - TZG Pag
Trg Petra Krešimira IV
23250 Pag Hrvatska
Tel.: +385 23 611 286
Fax: +385 23 611 286

History and monuments

The settlement of Pagus in the area of Stari grad, predecessor of today´s town of Pag, was first mentionned in 976 when it was acquired by the Croatian king Štěpán Držislav. In 1244 Pag became a royal town thanks to the decision of the Hungarian and Croatian king Béla IV. The town of Pag was a long-term rival of the town of Zadar, whose soldiers defeated the Pag inhabitants and wasted their town in 1394. However, in 1403 the town and its neighbourhood became the property of Venetians.

The urban planning of the new town of Pag started in 1443, 3 km notherly of the original settlement. An important Croatian builder called Juraj Dalmatinac designed a project to build the town of Pag which gave him a nickname the Father of Pag. Pag is a town with straight rectangular streets, and that makes it very special among other dalmatian towns.

St. George church is situated in the old town and every year on 15th August there is pilgrimage starting here, going to the new town to the Church of the Assumption.

Swimming and beach Pag - island Pag

The town beach Prosika is the main beach of the town of Pag. 800 m long beach has a slight 30º  descent  to the open sea. Thanks to this fact, it is suitable for families with children and non-swimmers. Further the way towards the town of Vodice there is shallow water which is, even at the distance of 80 m of the shore, only 100 cm deep and it is therefore good for exercising and walking.

The beach of Bošaca consists of several smaller beaches and is very popular among the lovers of sunbathing.

The beach of Vodice

The beach of Bošana

Sports offer

The town of Pag and its neighbourhood offer a large variety of sports for the time of your holiday.


Diving – rich underwater life, sunken boat, afloat town of Caska

Cycling on 14 cycle tracks through vineyards, olive groves, dry walls

Walking tours to the hill of St. Vid, the highest peak of the island of Pag

Traffic information Pag - island Pag

A road connecting Žigljen (ferry terminal) with all the main communities such as Novalja, Pag, Povljana, Miškoviči, runs across the island of Pag and it continues across the bridge to the mainland (the headland of Fortica near the village of Miškoviči to the headland of Ošljak on the mainland near the village of Miletiči).

The ferry leaves the village of Prizna on the mainland (situated between Jablanc and Karlobag) and heads towards the village of Žigljen on the island of Pag.

Ferry Prizna-Žigljen-Prizna price:

Ferry Jadrolinija – general information

Airport Zadar – Zemunik, tel.: +385 23 313 311, web:

Croatia airlines – local branch Zadar, tel.: +385 23 250 101, web:

Bus station Zadar – tel.: +385 23 311 086, web:

Croatian car hire (auto club) – tel.: + 385 1 987, web:

Cultural events and evening life

15th June - 18th June 2011 – Second International Festival

25th June 2011 – Bike Marathon

29th July - 30th July – Pag Summer Festival

Pag - island Pag
Pag - island Pag
Pag - island Pag
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