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Lopar - island Rab

Croatia, Kvarner

Lopar is located on the island of Rab, located in the Kvarner group of islands. It is 110 km from the administrative center of Rijeka, 190 km from Zagreb. You can reach Lopar by the Jablanac-Misnjak ferry, where the ride takes about ten minutes or, more interesting to the guests because of the proximity of Rijeka and the airport. Arriving by car from the direction of Rab, we first come across the feature of Sv. Marin, a stonemason and founder of Rep. San Marino, born just in Lopar in the 4th century. In his honor, the hotel resort and campsite are named "San Marino".
Lopar is full of beautiful sandy beaches. There are as many as 22, 3 of which are nudist (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). The largest and most famous Lopar beach is "Paradise beach", 1.5 km long, along which are located the most important tourist facilities of the place, which since 2003 has been awarded the "Blue Flag", an international symbol of quality and environmental protection and the safety of bathers.


6 °C
  • Pressure: 1011 hPa
  • Humidity: 94 %
  • Wind: 2 m/s
  • UV index: 0
10 °C
5 °C
6 °C
4 °C
11 °C
3 °C
5 °C
2 °C
7 °C
1 °C

Practical information

We recommend: not storing valuables in cars, not taking them to the beach, locking accommodation units and closing windows, following traffic regulations especially in the village, driving carefully in the rain.

Exchange offices: exchange office at the post office Mon-Sun 07.00 – 21.00; exchange office Numero Uno Mon-Sun 08.00-22.00 (exchange rate 1 EUR = approx. 7.60 HRK, 100 CZK = approx. 27.00 HRK (info year 2015)

Post office: Mon-Fri 08.00-21.00 break: 10.00-10.30 and 16.30-17.00 Sat-Sun closed

First aid: Outpatient clinic (opposite Hotel Imperial in Rab) tel.: +385 (0)51776980, ambulance tel.: +385 (0)51724094, ambulance Lopar-Dom zdravlja tel.: +385(0)51775165

Doctor: Dr. Branko Koprić, Dom zdravlja in Lopar at the intersection between San Marino and the camp, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat: 7.30am-4.00pm Tue: 9.30am – 6.00pm Thu: 10.00am-6.00pm

Dr. Š. Paparić- Pediatrician, Dom zdravlja in Lopar at the intersection between San Marino and the camp, Tues: 7.30-9.30 Thurs: 7.30-10.00

Pharmacy: Mon – Sat: 08.00–12.00, 19.00–21.00 Sun: 09.00–13.00 Pink house by the main road in the middle of Lopar, between the Ana II shop and the bakery

Important telephone numbers: police 92 fire brigade 93 rescue service 94

Police in Rab - phone: +385(0)51724092

Shops: usually 7.00-21.00; bakeries 06.00–22.00

Market: at the San Marino campsite, every day from approx. 06.30 to afternoon, fruit and vegetables, fresh fish fruit and vegetable stands at the Ana II store and in San Marino, every day from approx. 07.00-21.00.

History and monuments

Little Marin was born in Lopar more than 17 centuries ago. Growing and transforming into a mature young man, he trained as a sculptor and, in search of work, traveled to the opposite side of the Adriatic, to the coast of the Apennine Peninsula to the places of today's Rimini. With his perseverance and effort, he won the love of the local Christian community and became a disciple of the local bishop Gaudienci. Persecuted for the spread of Christianity, he fled to a hard-to-reach place - Mount Titan and built a church there. These were the foundations on which the present-day city of San Marino and the republic of the same name were later founded, where its remains can still be found today.
The legend of St. Marin, who was born more than 17 centuries ago in Lopar.

If you are a fan of hiking, we recommend a walk from the marina in San Marino towards Livačina beach, then continue along the marked route past Kaštelina beach and Cape Stolac to Zastolac bay. Here you will walk along the coast to the Samarić Peninsula to Sahara Beach. At the end of Sahara beach, a path leads over the hill to Pod Šilo bay. Then continue north around the Šilo peninsula until you reach the place - the bay of Dubac. It is possible to walk along the coast to the west at the foot of Sturič and Za vele stene bays as far as Ciganka bay. Here you climb the forest path (on the ridge) and continue following the marked route back to the left to Stolac and then to Livačina.

Excursions in the region Lopar - island Rab

Swimming and beach Lopar - island Rab

Lopar is full of beautiful beaches. There are even 22 of them, of which 3 are nudist (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). The largest and most famous beach in Lopar is "Rajska plaža", 1.5 km long, awarded the Blue Flag, a sign of cleanliness and quality.
Paradise beach is especially suitable for the elderly, families with small children and inexperienced swimmers, but also for those who like sports. In the peak of the season, it is literally an art to find a free spot on this beach, because more than 50% of Rab's tourists also swim here.

Sahara Beach is a large, purely natural beach with a sandy base. The ebb and flow is clearly visible on sandy beaches with a gradual slope of the bottom, such as Sahara Beach and Dubaci. Low tide can be observed in the morning hours and ends at approximately 10 am.

Kaštelina beach is for the most part stony, but you will also find sandy islands here, which also form an access field to the water. You can reach this beach in the direction of San Marino.

In addition to many beautiful shallow sandy natural beaches suitable for all age groups, Lopar na Rabu also has beaches designed for nature lovers. All these specific beaches are located on the northeastern coast of the peninsula - it is separated from the resort of Lopar and San Marino by a semi-desert wooded ridge.

Sports offer

On the southern edge of Rajská plajja there is a toboggan, which offers fun when going down 3 waterways.
There is a beach volleyball court on Rajská beach, and Lopar is the organizer of the Alpe-Adria cup national championship.
Between the hotels and the motorhome there is an entertainment and recreation center (tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, small football, basketball, billiards, video games, trampoline, etc.) mostly for children.
Water sports are available: JET SKI, parasailing, windsurfing, rental of boats, paddle boats, canoes, etc.

Traffic information Lopar - island Rab

Rijeka Airport - phone: +385 51 842 132, website:
Croatia Airlines - Zadar branch - phone: +385 23 250 101, website:
Rijeka Bus Station - phone: +385 51 660 364, website:
Ferry (Jablanac - Mišnjak) - phone: +385 51 724 122, website:
Catamaran (Rijeka - Rab - Novalja) - Zadar branch, phone: +385 23 250 555,
Croatian Automobile Club HAK - phone: +385 1 987, website:

Ferry: LINIJSKA NACIONALNA PLOVIDBA d.d., from Lopar to the island of Krk (port of Valbinska)
Departure times from Lopar to Valbinsky (1.6. – 30.9.) 06.00, 09.45, 14.00, 18.30

Departure times from Valbinsky to Lopar (1.6. – 30.9.) 07.45, 11.45, 16.00, 20.30*

Explanations: * on Mondays, this service departs at 9 p.m

Cultural events and evening life

We also recommend visiting cultural events in the city of Rab (approx. 12 Km away, approx. 13 min by car, bus) - musical evenings of the city of Rab (Rapske mužejne večeri) always - 11 concerts of classical music (June - August), a permanent exhibition of works of art - in the street Srednja from June to August, Ráb knight's archery competition - a great fun event - folk festival in honor of St. Kryštof (Saint Kristofor), the patron saint of Ráb, the "Rapska fjera" celebration - a return to the Middle Ages of old crafts (July) and, depending on the interest, the local discotheque and dance terrace.

The most attractive summer program for tourists is without a doubt the Rábské knightly tournaments, which draw the city into its knightly past. These games are held twice a year, namely in May and July. The island of Rab offers a lot of interesting places, architectural monuments and a cultural program.

Lopar - island Rab
Lopar - island Rab
Lopar - island Rab
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Accommodation Lopar - island Rab

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