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Sukošan is a place where fertile fields melt with a sky blue sea. Its well indented coast starting from the bay „Zlatna luka“ where the marina „Dalmacija“ is located to the natural complex „Tustica“, is reach on beautiful beaches and numerous small intimate bays. The beauty of the sea and the beaches, luxurious accommodation, friendly hosts along with a rich offer on cultural and sightseeing programs, have been for years the main reason for domestic and foreign tourist to visit and come back to enjoy the „Sukošan summer“.
The bond of the traditional and the modern, arranged beaches and untouched nature – a good medicine for body and soul.
The vicinity of Zadar (10 km), five National Parks and two Nature Parks, the largest marina on the Adriatic, the vicinity of the airport and the connection to the highway are for sure good reasons to choose us as your destination.

Accommodation Sukosan

History and monuments Sukosan

It is not know the exact period of settlement of Sukošan located only 10 km south of Zadar. But its unique geographical position in a protected bay called „Zlatna luka“ (Portus aureus), the still visible ruins of the rustic villa on Barbir, the Illyrian fortress on Vrčevo and old roman waterworks (Vilinski zid) indicate the possibility that this place was settled during the Roman ruling of the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Unfortunately, the first written proof mentioning Sukošan as a settlement dates from the year 1289, so that we have no knowledge of its prior existence.
The church of St Cassian is the parish church situated in the old village. This is today a beautiful church built in stone with Romanesque and baroque details having this form since the 12th century but according to many historians, a more modest version even before the first written testimonial (1289.) existed. In favour to this goes the assumption that the name of the place has its origin in the name San Cassian. 
Many years later, in the 20th century, a belfry according to the design of the famous architect and conservator Ćiril Iveković was built next to it. The people of Sukošan are especially proud of the beautiful sound of the bells which even today have an important role in the everyday life of the people. The yard of the church surrounded by a big stone wall „Ispod kampanela“(Under the belfry) becomes a unique stage during the summer where year after year concerts of „klape“(Dalmatian harmony-singing groups) are being held. The Feast of the St. Cassian, patron saint of Sukošan, is celebrated on August 13th when worshippers go around the town in a procession carrying the statue of the saint.

Saint Cassian (lat. Sanctus Cassianus, tal. San Cassiano) is a saint rarely honoured by our people. He lived during the reign of Diocletian in times of huge persecution of Christians. He was a distinguished Roman and Christian. As a bishop, he was first banished from Tirol where he taught the Gospel and later, around the year 300, from Rom. He continued to teach the young and children in Imola. The Roman reign didn't like that and asked him to renounce his teachings and bring sacrifice to the Roman idols. Cassian refused to that and the judge convicted him. The children and the young he taught the Gospel, stabbed him to death with their styluses. That is how Cassian bore his martyrdom for Jesus Christ in the year 302. The Christians in Imola buried him in their city and immediately started worshiping him as a saint and later he became the heavenly patron of the region of Tirol.

If you reach Sukošan from the highway, you'll see on a hilltop over the vineyards and olive groves the small church of St. Martin which used to be the parish church of the medieval village of Prljane.
The edifice of a Romanesque style is located in the area of Kaštelin. The church was first mentioned in 1387 and it witnessed the troubled history of this area and it was completely destroyed several times. The last time was during the Croatian War of Independence by the end of 1991. The local people and the war veterans are convinced that St. Martin protected them during the troublesome period and restaurated the church which was inaugurated on November 11, 2005, on the Feast of St. Martin. The holy mass is celebrated in the church on this day every year.
The beauty of the bay of Sukošan and its mild climate are best represented by the summer villa of the archbishops of Zadar – Palac, built on an islet in the middle of the bay by the end of the 15th century, where the prelates spent their summers. Its humble ruins are the only reminders today but nevertheless point out its grandiosity. The church was built under the direction of the archbishop of Zadar Matheo Valaresso in 1470.
It was a rectangular two-floor palace of monumental dimension and the most significant example of rustic architecture. During the Siege of Candida it served to protect the people of Sukošan of the Turkish invasion.
Today it is the symbol of our place and our trade-mark. It is an especially beautiful sight to see it in the sunset. In the summer months you can reach the place by swimming.

The church is located in the centre of the old village opposite from the Upper Gate (Gornja Vrata) on the square. It was built in 1650 during the Siege of Candida and the plague, and dedicated to the Virgin Mary as an expression of gratitude for protecting the place of the plague.
It is also a testimony of the centuries old connection of the people of Sukošan with the Virgin Mary who protected them during troubled times.
The church has inbuilt loop holes which make us conclude that it also served as a protective edifice in front of the town's gate.
Interesting are also the door-posts, two pre-Romanesque epistyles. These are reliefs from the 9th and 10th century and are undoubtedly originally from the St. Cassian's Church.
There used to be a cemetery around the church.
This used to be the entry, i.e. the exit of the fortified Sukošan and these are also the visible ruins of the protection walls that the place was surrounded with built by the Venetian authorities in 1468-1470 with the purpose of protecting the place and the people.
Across from the summerhouse Palac, on the edifice called „the Bishop's palace“ standing today unfortunately abandoned, you can find a wonderful example of Croatian heraldry, the stone-carved coat of arms of the archbishop of Zadar Vicko Zmajević.

Swimming and beach Sukosan

The main beach „Dječji raj“, as its name says, due to its shallow sea and sandy seabed is a paradise for children and for those who besides swimming know how to enjoy the sea with different games. It's especially suitable for those who like playing „picigin“(a game played with a small ball in shallow sea). You can rent beach chairs and paddleboats; enjoy an ice-cream or a drink in one of the café bars. There are showers, changing cubicles and chemical toilets on the beach.
The bay where this beach is situated spreads from „Barbir“ to „Podvar“ and is entirely suitable for bathing. The coast is partially paved with stone and its most part is covered with pebbles.
The beach „Zlatna luka“ is situated at the entrance of Sukošan from the direction of Zadar. The beach is covered with pebbles and tamarisk and pine trees offer a natural shadow during the summer heat. There are showers, changing cubicles and chemical toilets on the beach. You can enjoy playing beach-volleyball on the beach.
The beach „Makarska“ is also very beautiful. There are showers, changing cubicles and chemical toilets. The beach is partially paved and partially covered with pebbles with a lot of natural shade of the tamarisk trees.
There are a beach-volleyball ground, a basketball court and a bocce court in the vicinity.
From Zlatna luka till the natural complex Tustica, there is more than 6 km of well indented coast with crystal clear sea and it is suitable for bathing on its entire length. The guests can choose between well arranged beaches and small intimate bays.

Sport facilities Sukosan

Sukošan offers a variety of possibilities for those who want to spend their holiday with other activities besides bathing. The surrounding beautiful nature suitable for walks and bike riding, ideal conditions for sailing, open recreation grounds and a new equipped sports hall will satisfy all those who like to spend their holidays being active
Basketball - if you like basketball you have come to the right place. In the centre of the small town, on the basketball court, basketball is being played every day. The basketball club „Sukošan“ organizes a basketball camp for children during the summer, and also tournaments and street ball competitions
Soccer and indoor soccer are also very popular and every summer indoor soccer tournaments are being organized by NK“Zlatna luka“ in the Sports centre.
Beach volleyball is undoubtedly a summer sport, interesting and attractive. If you like to play volleyball there are courts on the beach „kod Križa“ and „Makarska“.
You will feel the attraction of volleyball if you take part at the tournaments that are held every year at the end of July.
It must be a wonderful feeling to pass the tracks along the sea in the morning and in the evening, but not less beautiful is to pass through the fields, vineyards and olive-groves, feel the smell of macchia and medicinal herbs, enjoy from the hill the view of Sukošan and the marina, the Pašman channel, the island on one side and the fertile fields of Ravni kotari on the other side.
This is a typical game for Dalmatian places and so also for Sukošan. On Sundays and on feast days men gather on the bocce grounds. It is very interesting to follow the rather temperament game at first, but you could try playing it later yourself.

Surfers can surf as long as there is enough wind and do spectacular jumps breaking the waves. To some surfers this is the most relaxing entertainment, while others enjoy the danger and the adrenalin, but it is also a form of lifestyle, a search for the limit of perfection in skills and self-expression.
The surfers can enjoy themselves in Sukošan throughout the year. During spring and autumn you'll catch a good bora (a north-eastern wind) or a mild jugo (a south wind) and during the summer, good conditions will be provided by tramontana (a north wind) and maestral (a landward breeze). Due to the vicinity of the islands, surfing is very safe here so everyone who enjoys surfing can do it regardless of their level of knowledge and skills.
Although Sukošan is a place traditionally bound more with the fertile fields rather than fishing, today the local residents, along with tourism and agriculture also engage in fishing (from angling and fishing by lamplight to fishing with nets). With a little luck you could come across a host who will take you fishing with nets or by lamplight, and if not, you can take your fish-hook and find yourself a good spot. We wish you good hunting.
The Zadar County is an area that has the most islands in Dalmatia and the advantage of such a maritime zone is that, regardless of the weather conditions you can always find a safe place to go diving. The beauty of our underwater is known all over the world and that magical world of silence attracts more and more admirers.
Enjoy a special adventure and dive into the blue paradise of the Adriatic.
Admirers of this beautiful sport can stop by the diving centre „Zlatna luka“ located in Marina Dalmacija.
Paintball is one of the most existing extreme sports in the world and it's becoming more and more popular among millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. As it's based on adrenalin in a team game, it offers an excellent distraction of the daily worries and occupations and reanimates the adventures spirit. You can experience a paintball adventure on highly attractive locations on grounds on Velebit.

Cultural events and nightlife Sukosan

Every Friday from 20:30 to 24:00 you can have fun along the Dalmatian song, fish and wine.

Traffic informations Sukosan

Airport Zadar
tel.: +385 23 205 800, web:

Croatia Airlines - Zadar
tel.: +385 23 250 101, web:

Main Bus station Zadar
tel.: +385 23 311 086, web:

Main Bus station Biograd
tel.: +385 23 383 022, web:

Ferry - Jadrolinija Biograd
tel.: +385 23 38 45 89, web:

HAK - Croatian Auto club
tel.: +385 1 987, web:

Useful informations Sukosan

Recommendation: do not leave valuables in the cars, do not carry them to the beach, lock the accommodation units and close the windows before you leave, follow the traffic rules, especially in smaller towns and drive cautiously when it rains.

Tourust board Sukošan - Ulica I. kbr. 89, 23206 Sukošan,
tel.: + 385 23 394104, fax: +385 23 393 345
e-mail:, web:


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