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Reefs Grebeni | 5 m from the beach | 1 x 8 osob 

Accommodation Lighthouse Grebeni

On the cliffs Grebeni before the city of Dubrovnik is situated lighthouse Grebeni, which navigate ships since 1872. The lighthouse was opened to tourists as a vacation house. Cliffs Grebeni is a lonely, romantic place, which is located 300 meters from the coast. You can get it only by boat. Reef Grebeni is about 300 meters from Dubrovnik's tourist hotel complex. Lighthouse was built to have landmark sailors, according to which at night they come to the port of Gruz. Lighthouse Grebeni has a beautiful and spacious stone terrace and is located just 15 meters from the pier with a small harbor. Lighthouse is located near the sea in a narrow passage between two stones. Staying at the lighthouse offers guests the opportunity to stay alone.
Beach - stairs at the pier for easier the entry into the water for children and adults.
Food supply - there are excellent opportunities either in Zaton or in Dubrovnik. Or you can arrange with the captain Paset on the food supply for a fee.
Transfer to the lighthouse - transport from Zaton ensures the captain Ivo Paset by the own boat. Return transfer price is € 100 and is payable directly to the captain. Transfer is organized in the morning, unless otherwise agreed between the guests and the captain. The transfer takes about 20 minutes boat ride with a view to Dubrovnik is a real pleasure.
On the lighthouse Grebeni you feel like when you're on the captain's bridge, from which controls the movement of floating hotels, which tirelessly come to Dubrovnik and after that leave him, and returned again to greet the ship's siren blowing people at the lighthouse.
West of Cape Petka is well-preserved wreck of an Italian merchant ship "Taranto", which was sunk here in 1943 when it ran on a mine about 20 meters from the lighthouse. The hull broke, all over the floor are scattered wrecks of load. Wreck inhabit shoals of different fish. Depth of 23-55 m. This place is a paradise for cops in Croatia - only for advanced divers.
Grebeni is a group of five small islands lined up about 300 meters from the coast of the peninsula Lapad, close to the hotel complex Babin kuk. It concerns a stark, rocky and very rugged islands. The largest middle island is 250 meters long and about 30 meters wide. The most interesting island is the last one, which is shy and far from the mainland about 1 km.
Short term lease lighthouse Grebeni is possible, minimum stay is 2 nights.

Equipment and availability

TV/SAT Pets Beach (5 m) Center (5 km) Store (350 m) Harbour (5 km) Airport (25 km) Bus (5 km) WiFi On the island Distance from beach (5 m)

Accommodation units

Apartment for 7-8 people at the lighthouse Grebeni. The total area of ​​the apartment is about 110 m², there are three bedrooms (approx. 11, 13 and 18 m²), kitchen and living room (about 14 m²), dining room (approx. 15 m²) and 2 x shower/WC (approx. 4 and 8 m²). Hallway with attractive ancient water tank called "gustijerna". Around the lighthouse are two large terraces with an area of ​​nearly 350 m², where guests can sunbathe and relax. The lighthouse can stay up to seven people at a time.


Upon arrival, it is necessary to leave the host refundable deposit of € 300 EUR.

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Lighthouse Grebeni
Lighthouse Grebeni
Lighthouse Grebeni
Lighthouse Grebeni
Lighthouse Grebeni
Lighthouse Grebeni
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Lighthouse Grebeni

Beach5 m

Center5 km

Store350 m

Harbour5 km

Airport25 km

Bus5 km

Distance from beach5 m

Route tip

Non-binding accommodation request

Hotel  Lighthouse Grebeni

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